Assessing Your Site for Excavation

We recognize that your construction site is unique in every way, so we carefully assess your site prior to starting any work. We check to see what potential hazards there are and what issues might arise during the land clearing or finish grading processes.

A pivotal part of the assessment is also checking to see how densely populated the environment around your build site is, so we can anticipate what concessions and adjustments will need to be made in order to ensure safety and minimize risk.

Most of all, our team will work with you to realize any specific needs and goals you have for the project, and work on developing steps to quickly and affordably actualize those goals.

Safe and Secure Excavation

Minimizing property damage is of the highest priority to our team – excavation and construction may be about removing obstacles on the way to construction, but unnecessary removal is unneeded.

Zetta Construction is a professional excavation contractor, with experience in all state-of-the-art technology and equipment involved in the field. We’ll utilize our knowledge of this up-to-date tech and the most advanced tools to ensure the safety of workers and property. Rest assured that we care for the safety and security of your project as much as you do.

Cost and Time of Excavation

Many people say that you can’t have a project that is done quickly, affordably, and also done well – we at Zetta Construction aim to prove that old adage wrong. Our clients have applauded our dedication to cost-effectiveness, and have thanked us for committing to a time schedule that works for all parties. Most of all, we pride ourselves in providing the best excavation and construction work in the Toronto area.

Zetta is a Proper Choice Excavation Contractor in Toronto|

We are Professionals

Nearly every construction project starts with excavation and grading, a process that creates a foundation for all future site development. Choosing the wrong company for the job can result in exorbitant costs, prolonged completion and even structural hazards, so you want to make sure you hire experienced professionals.

Zetta Construction is a profession excavation contractor which specialize in and frequently perform various commercial and residential excavations, so you can rest assured that your project will be carried out by experts. From land clearing to finish grading, every job is supervised to ensure competent execution and 100% customer satisfaction.

We use Latest Technologies

With the latest methods and technology in excavation, we take every measure to help you create a cost effective project, including purchasing materials direct from the manufacturer and using time-saving processes.

Whatever your Toronto excavation and grading project needs are, Zetta Construction has the expertise to complete your project in a timely and affordable manner. In addition, we can help you in the demolition of residential and commercial buildings in any urban environment. Tight timelines and dense surroundings are common obstacles we overcome. Our ability to get even the toughest job done make us the demolition contractor of choice for the urban environment.

Our Services are Certified and Insured

We understand the job from the ground up and we have the expertise and state of the art equipment to get the job done right. Our team knows the importance of minimizing property damage and our emphasis is always on sound environmental practices. All debris will be disposed of at a registered recycling facility in accordance with MOE and MOL guidelines and we can help with your LEED certification too.

Before embarking on any project, we perform an extensive assessment of every site in order to isolate its unique challenges and requirements. Over the course of the last fifty years, where other companies have feared to tread, we have specialized in projects that present challenging operational constraints.

We provide you with the best solution

We consider ourselves to be more than a mere excavation outfit but experts in excavation contracting. We’re a solutions provider, offering superior customer service and project management resources that are second to none. Noted for building strong partnerships, our company is fully insured, with a long track record of completing projects on schedule and on budget.

From Custom Home foundations to Driveways to New Additions to Pools to trenching to underground storage tanks, to contaminated soil removal to sewer and watermains  Zetta has the equipment and manpower to execute the job.

Why Experience in Excavation is so important?

Storage tanks, both underground (USTs) and aboveground (ASTs) are everywhere and are typically used to store various fluids. Most commonly, these tanks are used to store petroleum products (i.e. gasoline, diesel, refined oils, production fluids, etc.) Generally, typical types of tanks include; Steel/Aluminum, Fiberglass and Concrete. Federal, Provincial and/or Territorial Regulations require that storage tanks meet uniform performance standards to ensure protection of the environment as well as human health. When a tank falls out of compliance or is found to be leaking, the tank needs to be removed and any contaminated soils surrounding the tank as a result of the tank failure needs to be cleaned-up.

Zetta is an approved tank removal contractor, and has successfully managed the completion of numerous tank removals projects along with the clean-up of any residual soils impacted from a tank failure.

  • Removal and disposal/recycling of tank contents (solids and liquids)
  • In-situ or ex-situ cleaning of tank
  • Excavation and removal of tank
  • Transportation and disposal/recycling of tank
  • Remediation of potentially contaminated soils
  • Backfilling of excavation to existing grade
  • Installation of in-situ remediation system if required

Our Team is Trained and Experienced

Zetta has worked with many of Canada’s leading consulting firms, government agencies, and developers. We would be pleased to provide references and specific information on successful cleanup projects. Zetta has cleaned up numerous industrial properties that are subsequently re-zoned as residential and parkland environments.